LEA Corporate Team had the opportunity to visit our clients last week for an onsite visit. Stewart Morland and Ross Mackenzie own IOR in partnership and are passionate about customer service and have led IOR to improve their customer experience through down-to-earth focus and industry-leading innovation. IOR was founded in the small town of Eromanga, […]

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What is Management Liability?

Management Liability: The most important cover you may know the least about. Let’s change that now! What is Management Liability? Management Liability insurance covers a wide range of risks, which arise from actions and decisions of directors, officers and managers while running a business. Improper conduct such as sexual harassment, unfair dismissal or defamation are […]

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LEA Reinvigorates Remy’s COVID Recovery

If you’re a Brisbane resident you’ve probably heard of them. Remy’s is an absolute must-try Café/ Burger and Booze stop in the heart of Paddington. They have made their mark over the years and have become a popular destination; it’s a lock-in for locals and it truly embodies the vibe of the area. But the […]

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