Farmers, and the agricultural businesses they operate, are one of the great mainstays of the Australian economy.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment reported as of 2021, agricultural businesses comprises 55 per cent of Australia’s land use.

Australian farmers produce the overwhelming majority of food sold in Australia, with more than 90 per cent of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs sold in supermarkets being domestically produced. The gross value of Australian agriculture in 2019-20 was $61 billion and this makes up 11% of our goods and services exports.

What does this mean? It means that farmers are part of a specialised industry requiring specialised insurance cover.

Whether you run a hobby farm or a full-scale agricultural enterprise, maintaining insurance tailored to your unique set-up, aspirations and circumstances is vital to safeguarding your operations, equipment, financial position and peace of mind.

As all farms are not the same, you should be aware of the range of different insurances designed specifically for farmers, covering livestock, productive assets, homestays and more.


 What types of farm insurances are there?

Farm-related insurance policies are better for farmers than general policies because they consider the unique financial, operational and environmental factors that can affect your business. The following are some of the types of farm-related insurances that are currently available on the market:

    • Agricultural/farm equipment.
    • Burglary/theft.
    • Business interruption insurance (covering loss of income or profits to your business).
    • Crop insurance (including crop failure and insurance specific to cotton and hay crops).
    • Electronic equipment cover.
    • Employee belongings.
    • Farm buildings and contents (including insurance against theft of farm contents and insurance covering hay sheds, machinery sheds, stables, workshops or work sheds).
    • Farm dwelling home and contents.
    • Farm machinery and sundries (including fusion of electric motors).
    • Farm stay/hosting cover.
    • Farm vehicle cover (including tractors, quad bikes and ride-on mowers).
    • Farm working dogs cover.
    • Fire (including risk to livestock from fire and fire prevention and extinguishment costs) or other defined events (such as lightning, explosions, earthquakes, impacts like falling trees, malicious damage and storm damage).
    • Green house cover.
  • Internal and external fencing.
  • Livestock (including cover specific to horses, stud stock, alpacas, pigs, cows, sheep and chickens).
  • Machinery breakdown.
  • Orchards.
  • Personal accident and illness cover.
  • Private and business-related vehicle cover.
  • Property or contents in-transit cover.
  • Public liability or product liability insurance (covering you for third-party death or injury).
  • Refrigerated stock.
  • Tax audit cover.
  • Viticulture.
  • Workers compensation insurance.


 Workers compensation insurance.

How do I arrange insurance cover specific to my farm, business or circumstances?


The right level of cover for you will require a detailed analysis of the:

  • Level of cover your specific farm, business or circumstances require (including any requirements imposed on your farming operations by law).
  • Amount of excess you are willing to pay when you make a claim.
  • Cost of cover that is appropriate to the level of your farming operations.
  • Employees and/or companies that need to be insured under your policy.

As these considerations and matters can be complex, you should arrange your farming insurance cover through us. We can:

  • Match you with an insurer with expertise in ensuring your specific needs.
  • Assist you to get the level of cover that defends you against the risks you are concerned about – at an appropriate price.

Remember to keep us informed of any changes to your farming operations so that you maintain a comprehensive policy that is suitable to your needs at all times.


 Australia needs you – protect yourself!

What you do is vital to you, your family and the Australian economy. It’s crucial that your farming interests are protected against risks unique to the agricultural industry such as crop failure, extreme weather and risks to farming machinery and livestock.

Farm insurance can help you navigate the risks of running your farm, helping you to defend your livelihood and your family’s future against the financial impact of foreseeable and unforeseeable events.