At LEA Insurance Brokers we enable you to concentrate simply on providing optimum services to your clients and building your business. We provide the most appropriate cover and confidence that your personal assets and business are protected from potential threats.

LEA Insurance Products

Our comprehensive range of insurance products cover :
  • Home Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Management Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Personal Risk Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Strata – Residential & Commercial
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Tradies Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

At LEA Insurance Brokers we help our customers concentrate on the important aspects of their business and personal affairs.

cyber insurance products


Protection for small business owners and individuals against online risk, such as computer hacking, ransomware or data theft.

commercial property insurance LEA Insurance Brokers


Cover tailored for the unique exposures and liabilities of commercial property owners.

personal risk insurance and life insurance products


To provide your family with financial security if you were to pass away or to be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

farm and rural insurance products


Cover for rural property and farm owners to protect their home, contents, equipment, produce and vehicles.

commercial insurance products


To protect your Commercial property against possible losses through unforeseen circumstances like theft, property damage, and for coverage in the event of interruption of business or injured employees.

band insurance products


Cover against theft and accidental loss or damage to all instruments whether they are owned by the band or individuals, Musical accessories and Electronic equipment.

insurance products available


Premium funding enables businesses to pay their insurance premiums in easy to manage monthly instalments.

As businesses are faced with increasing financial obligations, premium funding offers a flexible and convenient alternative to paying large insurance premium costs upfront. Avoiding these large lump sum payments, frees up business cash flow for use elsewhere.

Why Premium Funding Makes Sense

1.     Free up business cash flow: Assist in managing your cash flow with an easy, convenient and automated monthly payment option.

2.    Quick and easy application process: It only takes a few minutes to apply. The premium funding application is completely online – no need for signatures or messy paperwork.

3.    Multiple ways to pay: Flexible payment options are available; including Direct Debit, BPAY and most major credit cards (including VISA, MasterCard and AMEX).

4.    Tax deductible: Interest repayments may be tax deductible.



When we mention this type of cover people think of ships on the ocean. In fact almost every business has exposure to marine transit insurance. If your business relies on transport of any kind for sending or receiving you may be responsible to cover the goods whilst they are in transit. It is important to know the terms of your consignment notes as they will spell out who is responsible. We are able to assist from private house removals to annual stock movements so give us a call and let us advise you on the right covers.


Contract Works - Whether you are building a private dwelling, a block of home units or a factory we are able to assist with a contractor’s works policy and liability. If you are a full-time builder, an annual policy may be the best option.

Construction and Engineering – We all know what a fire can do to a business, but that’s not the only disaster that can happen which can have a major impact on your business. We provide Construction and Engineering Insurance for all types of clients from small suburban builders to major infrastructure contractors throughout Australia.  Our products offer a wide breadth of cover, value-added engineering services, and flexibility backed with technical expertise.

Civil Contract Works - is a more specialised cover as road works and other civil works are more exposed to the elements. Other civil works might include landscaping, bridge works or the building of golf course greens.


This cover is available as a standalone policy or as an extension of a Machinery Breakdown. The cover is required when the mechanical and electrical cover under machinery breakdown is insufficient and electronic breakdown is required for example on computers. The policy has extensions that should be investigated and advice on these is important.


This cover is often available within business insurance packages but when larger machines are involved a standalone policy is important.


Over the last few years insurance companies have developed Management Liability Policies which include; Directors and Officers cover; Employment Practices cover; Employee Fraud cover and Tax audit cover. Some of these may also incorporate a Professional Indemnity cover so it is important to receive advice when considering a policy.


We are able to arrange covers for commercial hulls, Marinas as well as private pleasure craft including jet skis.


This a specialised type of cover as public liability policies does not cover damage to boats. If you are involved in working on boats, occasionally your liability policy will not extend to the boats. It is important to take advice as inadequate cover could leave you out on your own.


Professional Indemnity was once only available to professions such as solicitors OR accountants but today’s contracts are calling for professional indemnity for a wider range of occupations and the insurance companies are largely responding to this with design and construct type covers for these occupations. However not all occupations are able to obtain cover and advice from an insurance professional and this is paramount as covers can be issued excluding the activities needed and are therefore useless.

Our Team of Experienced Advisors are available to help you no matter what your insurance needs are, we will have someone who can help.