Manage the risks in your online business

Ecommerce continues to thrive, with Australia now being among the most attractive consumer markets on the globe. Australia tops the world for ‘digitally connected commerce’ for analysis of the market environment, ecommerce take up, penetration rates for digital commerce infrastructure, payments, and mobile device ownership. Last year, e-commerce sales increased by more than 22%, with […]

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Get up to speed on commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance comes in a few guises. You may know it as commercial building or business property insurance. Common among those titles is that it’s for non-residential properties – factories, warehouses, shopping centres, and whole unit and apartment blocks. In short, it helps protect your commercial building or premises from damage or significant loss […]

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Offering telehealth? Time to update your cyber security risk management

Around the globe, people are using telehealth 38 times more than before the pandemic, and that’s happening for virtual evaluation, advice, diagnoses, and sometimes treatment, says professional services firm KPMG. We’ve also seen the advent of virtual rooming assistants who admit patients into digital exam rooms. They take notes about medical histories, saving health care providers time […]

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