LEA Corporate Team had the opportunity to visit our clients last week for an onsite visit.

Stewart Morland and Ross Mackenzie own IOR in partnership and are passionate about customer service and have led IOR to improve their customer experience through down-to-earth focus and industry-leading innovation.

IOR was founded in the small town of Eromanga, Queensland in 1984, with the construction of the Eromanga Oil Refinery. It was the vision of Stewart and Ross to expand IOR’s offer with convenient 24-hour Diesel Stops that would service remote areas of Australia. The first Diesel Stop was opened in 2005 in Winton, Queensland. As we aim to serve more customers, in more places, we now have almost 100 Diesel Stops across Australia and are opening new ones all the time.

They always believed in continued innovation to offer the best service to our customers. This has led to the development of fully integrated fuel management services, fluid storage and handling solutions, such as frac tanks and much more.