Landlord insurance demystified in under 3 minutes

Has COVID-19 made you unsure about managing the risks of owning an investment property? This article will update you on what landlord insurance will and won’t cover in light of COVID-19. And, a forewarning, there are a lot of grey areas. Landlord insurance is shorthand for building, contents or rental cover, or a mix of […]

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Managing a property? Here’s how to reduce your risk profile

As a property manager or managing agent, your risk profile is different from that of a landlord. The landlord owns the property, not you, so they’re responsible for insuring their property. However, you’ve been hired to act as the middle person between the landlord and the tenant, who could be an individual or a business. […]

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Is your real estate professional indemnity insurance coming due?

We can provide you with a comprehensive, obligation free quote secured by our specialised and very competitive market. We have provided this professional solution for many years, but recently it has been upgraded to include run-o­ff cover comparable to that offered by the REIQ for no increase in premium. Key Benefits. To secure these benefits, […]

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