Insurance for Instruments and Equipment

We arrange cover for Accidental Loss or Damage to all instruments, whether they are owned by the Band or by individual members, on a Worldwide basis. For example, Instruments are covered whilst they are being transported in a vehicle, carried personally, taken overseas or at home or any venue. Instruments are also covered whether dropped and damaged, if they go missing during an overseas trip, or are stolen from home or a venue.

We are aware that some instruments are owned by the Band and some by individuals, so cover is for all the instruments used by members of the Band – providing cover is for the total Band,  there is no need to itemise members and instruments.  Cover is on a replacement basis, i.e. “New for Old”.

What makes our package attractive is that you don’t need individual names or individual instruments noted on the policy , thereby eliminating the administration workload. By insuring the whole Band on one policy we are able to keep costs to a minimum and you know that all members and instruments are covered.


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Our Band specific package is so popular with Bands throughout Australia that we have achieved the economy of scale for bulk buying that enables premiums to be so competitive. We presently manage other Australia Wide packages for franchise groups etc and can assure you that our service is first class and prompt.

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We Insure the Whole Band

By insuring the whole Band, we take away the uncertainty of whether someone’s Home and Contents Insurance provides cover for instruments.  From our experience, most Home Insurance policies do not provide the cover we offer, as most exclude property away from the Home, do not have high limits on instruments, don’t cover borrowed items and do not cover World Wide.

Cover for Music, Uniforms, and other Equipment

Cover is for Fire & Perils, damage caused by collision or overturning of conveying vehicle and theft from a locked vehicle or premises to music, uniforms and other Band equipment. This would include items such as Hall contents, music stands, photocopiers, tables & chairs, PA system etc. There is then no need for extra cover for these items whilst stored at a hall or at home.

Cover for Halls

Some Bands have their own Halls and require cover on them against Fire & Perils, Glass etc.  We are able to cover Band Halls for their replacement value. We are aware that some Halls are Council or Government owned but that the Band is responsible for insurance and we can accommodate this.

Cover for Public Liability

It is essential for Bands, most of which are Incorporated Associations, to have Public Liability cover.  Cover is available $20,000,000 on a Worldwide basis in respect of all usual Band activities.  This level of cover is essential, particularly if you are playing in Shopping Centres, Government or Council Venues, as these groups insist on $20,000,000 cover.  The cover is for the Band and its members, and we are able to provide Certificates of Currency for you to supply to anyone who requires proof of cover.

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Group Personal Accident for Voluntary Workers

We are able to arrange cover in respect of individual Band members and Voluntary Workers against Accidents or injury sustained while engaged on Band activities, so that if you are injured and cannot return to work for a period, this policy provides cover on the following basis.  If you suffer a permanent disability resulting in loss of limbs, sight etc, then the policy pays out a Capital benefit up to a maximum of $50,000.  Cover is also provided for a Weekly Benefit of $500pw should a member be injured, eg. trips and breaks an arm or leg etc.

Directors & Officers Liability

We are able to arrange cover for directors and officers to protect them against legal liability claims which they may incur whilst carrying out their duties as a director or officer, including legal costs and other expenses associated with defending legal actions.  It affords automatic cover for:

  • Civil proceedings
  • Successful defence of criminal proceedings
  • Trade Practices actions
  • Occupational Health & Safety actions
  • Official investigations and enquiries
  • Employee actions


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Are Conductors covered under the same instrument and public liability cover as Band Members?

Yes. As long as they are registered as a member of the band.

Do we need to list all instruments i.e. Band Owned and Personally Owned?


Are the musical contents of a trailer covered?

Yes. As long as the trailer is kept locked and secured in locked premises when not in use.

Is the Band covered under Public Liability for Liability to parents/friends who stay in rehearsal room?

Yes. They would be classed as members of the public and should any of them be injured or suffer property damage for which the Band would be held legally liable, then our policy would cover the Band’s liability.

Are guest singers/artists joining in band rehearsals and performances covered?

No – not automatically. The policy covers the Band, registered band members, associates and voluntary workers.

If the Band wants cover to extend Liability of guest participants or damage to their instruments, the Band must have a process to officially record their status as a member, associate or voluntary worker. We would suggest keeping a written record of when guests are involved with the band, so we have a written record for the insurer in case a liability issue was forthcoming.

Alternatively, they could become a registered member. The policy would then include them as insured parties, but only whilst participating with the Band.

At what venues are the Band covered under Public Liability?

Places like shopping centres, council venues, local parks etc. Many of the bands hold sausage sizzles at their local hardware store on the weekend. These stores require confirmation of cover via a Certificate of Currency, and we can provide this.

Are members instruments covered at home?

Yes all instruments both band and personally owned are covered on a Worldwide basis, some examples include whilst instruments are; being transported in a vehicle, accidentally left behind on public transport, carried personally, taken overseas, stolen from a venue, or dropped and damaged.

Would Band instruments be covered if the member who had been given the use of the instrument disappears with it?

No. Fraudulent misappropriation would not be regarded as theft.